We endeavor day by day for our students to be inquirers, well informed and trained, thinkers, strong communicators, trustworthy, open minded, supportive, bold, balanced and reflective.

The School is governed by the official provisions of the Ministry of Public Education in the first three levels: Preschool, Primary and Middle School. The High School Section is incorporated with the program of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) organization.


Upon the conclusion of the three programs, students graduate with two certifications: a national certificate granted by the UNAM and an international certificate granted by the IB with which they may enroll with any university worldwide, based on the documentation and the profile, as well as the academic level acquired.


Students are prepared with the full dominion of English and Spanish on oral and written communication. We strengthen and update the programs of the different subjects, considering the contents and continuity thereof. In this respect, we have specific projects and programs that enrich the student’s education.

The School endeavors for the student body to develop in all areas of knowledge and strengthen its abilities. For this purpose, we have safe and well equipped science labs, libraries and play rooms, technological equipment, as well as sports and recreational facilities.


All the school community participates in the conservation of the environment. We consider that it is essential to teach students to protect the environment through actions that derive in significant changes.


We are convinced that harmonious relationships between students and families are relevant for the creation of tight bonds and a sound educational community. Throughout the school year, either inside or outside, social and community-aid activities are carried out, as well as academic and cultural visits which, beyond doubt, enrich the well-rounded development of our students.


We provide a complete and personalized education based on the acquisition of knowledge and the development of abilities in order for the student body to unleash its potential to the fullest.