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The Contandero Campus is located within a privileged zone in Mexico City surrounded by trees and nature thus transforming it into a special place in order for students to achieve well-rounded development.


The Contadero Campus has a unique project, named “Green Project”, which is based on the conservation of, and respect for the environment. This project seeks that students become conscious of the environment that surrounds them and involves them in finding active solutions; in this manner, students contribute to the achievement of a self-sustaining school and take this knowledge home for purposes of applying it to their daily life.

With the intention of being at the digital forefront, the Colegio Ciudad de México, Contadero Campus, seeks to educate students with technological abilities that go beyond those provided by computer classes; for this purpose, we have programs specialized in mathematics, science, languages and codes, as well as a permanent campaign to support our students in respect of ethical and security challenges imposed by today’s digital era. At the same time, we have state of the art equipment to remain at such forefront.


We are characterized for providing psycho-pedagogical attention to each of our students since preschool through middle school. The teaching staff is trained to observe and detect events affecting the student; it is then that the team integrated by tutors and physiologists begins acting to follow up the case and, if necessary, starts working together with the student’s parents.


"Being home outside home"

The International Baccalaureate constitutes our educational basis and it is through its inquiry units that we live the IB profile´s attributes and attitudes. All our programs are incorporated with the Ministry of Public Education and by means of the constructivist methodology we develop in children the four basic pillars of education: to wit, to know how to be, to know how to learn, to know how to live together and to know how to do.

The Preschool program endeavors for the student to acquire dominion of its native language and broaden its horizons through the learning of English; for this reason, the program is divided equally into both languages thus achieving the dominion thereof. We teach our last year of preschool in English in order to develop thinking abilities in the second language.


In order to guarantee an overall formation, we teach students the following classes and comprehensive programs:


his activity introduces children to the language of music through games, rhythms, songs and body movements. In this space, they learn to listen to themselves and others, promoting respect and social harmony.



The general objective of this class is to introduce children to the basic processes and vocabulary of visual and plastic arts. By means of games and the exploration of several materials, techniques and images, Preschool students learn to communicate their experiences and ideas through several artistic techniques.


Psychomotor Skills:

This program is based on the global vision of the child, integrating the cognitive, emotional and sensorial interactions in which the abilities to be and communicate are structured. The objectives are focused towards the proper development of tone, strength, balance, posture control and gross and fine motor skills.


Green Project:

The respect for, and the conservation of the environment is a priority of our School. We dedicate one class to this subject in order for children to experiment and reflect on the measures that should be taken to achieve a better world and, by means of didactic situations, we promote nature conservation. For this space, we use the woods, the farm and the sensorama.


Second step:

This program is designed to promote social and emotional abilities. The assertive identification and communication of emotions is developed through group and individual activities.  This is a program which focuses on empathy, respect and taking care of each other.

Reading Project:

The program has the purpose of encouraging the reading habit at School and home. Through several activities, children learn that books are a fascinating world and that they can be great readers since childhood. Strategies are shared with parents to promote this significant activity at home.


Cognitive Abilities:

This program is designed by neuropsychologists specialized in early childhood and has the objective of developing thinking abilities through psychomotor activities.


Digital Lab:

The objective of this program is that children be able to understand and use technology to solve daily life problems: looking for information, researching, sharing and learning on something they like and using the applications with a didactic purpose. Preschool is the stage for the consolidation of the necessary prerequisites so that they may do codes and programming in the future.


Student of the Week:

The objective is that children develop better self esteem, that they improve their communication abilities and that they are able to share, together with their parents, one moment with the rest of the Group. Each child has a special week with activities specifically scheduled for this purpose.


Round Robin Book:

The purpose of this program is to involve parents in the learning process and in home research. They take a task home and carry it out together with the children, illustrating what they did in a notebook. The child makes a presentation to the group, developing language and socioemotional abilities.



"Effective learning to live productively."

The Primary educational proposal is to educate students avid for knowledge, aware of their interaction and responsibility with the natural and social environment; sensitive to universal needs with an active participation in favor of common good, that construct a better and more peaceful world sustained in a mutual understanding framework, solidarity and intercultural respect.

Our programs are based on the development of abilities and skills and the main objectives of the program established by the Ministry of Public Education. In turn, our programs rely on the inquiry units endorsed by the International Baccalaureate.


The Primary program endeavors for the student to acquire dominion of its native language and broaden its horizons through the learning of English; we have Pre-First level, which is deemed as the English year in Primary; the remaining section is divided equally into both languages with the intention of guaranteeing an integral education. Inquiry is constantly practiced based on interdisciplinary subjects complemented with relevant and significant academic content for each level in both languages.


Arts, Music, Corporal Expression, Social Ability Workshops, Ecology and Physical Education allow the exploration and self-knowledge of the body making it sensitive to its value, care and protection; providing to the student decision strategies, problem solving, relaxation concentration and encouragement for purposes of strengthening the integration of our programs.


Stage plays and musical/artistic ensembles favor creativity based on the communication of feelings and emotions.

The Reading Project and our Reading Marathon are aimed at developing the enjoyment of reading in English and Spanish, formal and informal inquiry and promoting several strategies that summarize information as part of reading comprehension. Our goal is to have great readers, able to encourage their education and interest in significant universal subjects. Generating good writers is also one of our goals; therefore, spontaneous writing and the Creative Writing Competition constitute a fundamental issue for all levels.


Social Aid Programs intend to encourage the development of positive attitudes towards others and the appreciation and protection of communities in need.


Visits and Day Camp are selected as a pedagogical and integration proposal that promotes the broadening of social skills and team work.

We have a Math Lab of an experimental, recreational and playful nature, as a natural form of discovery used by human beings, based on specific materials whose objective is to establish the relationships of the mathematical concept in order to create a mental representation that generates an abstract thought based on induction-deduction. The Science Lab also intends to promote practical work to inspire the scientific method and critical thought by means of the formulation of hypotheses and experimentation.


In order to be at the forefront of the digital era, we have a digital lab, specialized mathematics programs and reading, an IPAD lab and programming and code courses.



”Develop skills to build knowledge.”

Education for the Colegio Ciudad de México is “praxis, reflection and action on the world to transform it”, as Paulo Freire will state. For this reason, each moment and each contact is an opportunity to create something wonderful together (parents, teachers, principals, etc.) and also to enjoy the experience and the encounter. Middle school also provides great projects and experiences full of knowledge for our students which, due to their participation and daily relationships, strengthen their overall development.

Academic excellence is one of the main objectives of our tasks, but we consider that it is more important to favor the healthy emotional and social development of our students, always bearing in mind that they should study not only contents but also learn to take care of what is public and protect the environment thus becoming conscious citizens, which is an objective that is achieved thanks to the constant communication between our faculty, the students and their parents. For this reason, from the beginning we build bonds through which parents are informed of the strategies, programs and means of support that the School utilizes throughout the school year. In this manner, we promote effective communication and the participation of everyone in the student’s academic process.


In the School we treat adolescence as a relevant stage for the consolidation of values, attitudes and skills. It constitutes one of the most relevant stages in our development, therefore, we consider that education at this age requires a full teaching program which, through adequate experiences and the development of skills contributes to the construction of such happy human being and capable of positively influencing our world.


For purposes of achieving the above, the contents of the subjects focus on the development of *cognitive, *emotional, *social and collaboration, *organization, *research, and *technological abilities.


The design of academic activities is adjusted to the various interests, needs and situations of our community. Our students are the leaders at all times, and we afford them the possibility of taking control of their own learning, as well as gradually developing their autonomy and self-direction, in accordance with a gradual process for the acquisition of responsibilities and strategies.


We have specific projects, such as the Science Fair, the Environment Week and the Barter Market, the United Nations Exercise, the Sports Day, the Rock Band, the Day at the Woods, the Spring Culture and the Alumni Society.

One of our main objectives is to connect the contents of several disciplines to real life problems in order for the student to meet the intended profile, always under our Policy of Honesty.


Further, we emphasize the abilities developed on the acquisition of the second language in:

- Writing

- Viewing and interpreting

- Reading

- Listening and speaking


In a like manner, we focus on the acquisition of more complex abilities such as:

- Thinking skills

- Social skills

- Self-management skills


We consolidate this process in subjects such as: “Debate” by means of which several issues are developed on a methodic and respectful basis. As a result thereof, students learn to search for information, select proper inquiry sources, analyze and select information, elaborate sound arguments and open themselves to the creation of new knowledge within the community.


The After School program promotes the overall and balanced development of our students by means of workshops that provide a proper environment to reaffirm the children’s security and trust.

In the After School workshops, students strengthen abilities, develop team work, reaffirm security and trust and learn several disciplines in accordance with the different ages of the participants.


The program includes meals and assisted homework workshops for levels that so require.

We have a wide range of workshops whereby we promote team work and healthy competition while complementing the development of skills through playing.


The sports workshops which promote discipline, coordination and team work are:


- Football

- Basketball

- Mini-tennis

- Sports Initiation

- Tae Kwon Do

We provide cultural workshops which develop creativity, coordination and corporal expression:


- Hip-Hop

- Ballet

- Music and Art


We also provide other workshops which afford students the opportunity of participating in activities depending on their interests and complement the classroom work, such as:


- Yoga

- Lego

- Backing

- Mini-chef

- Inquiry

is located within a privileged zone in Mexico City surrounded by trees and nature thus transforming it into a special place in order for students to achieve well-rounded development.

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